Madimac Heat Pump Pool Heaters - Eco | Elite | Eclipse | Max

By Maidmac

Innovation without compromise.

As with all industry, leaders are identified by their ability to provide market extensions, drive innovation and advance technology. In that vein, Madimack’s commitment to research and development continues to position them as the Australian authority in Heat Pump technology. Our Heat Pumps are tech-advanced, light and easy to install, making them ideal for backyards and commercial premises.

Madimack Heat Pumps are supported by advanced technologies and market leading warranties. Manufactured from the highest quality components and tested above industry requirements, they include a titanium heat exchanger combined with a corrosion resistant evaporator coil and come with a Heating Performance Guarantee. Madimack Heat Pumps are TuV certified. TuV Rheinland is an international engineering testing body that is used to satisfy performance and quality metrics to international standards. Carried out on a voluntary basis in Australia, the program tests units in random conditions to confirm they perform as promoted.

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